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May 09, 2007



Well, I have to remember this now, in case I ever need it, or have to do another horrible set of exams!


Hello! Fellow NJ bar member here, though I am "inactive" because I practice in Wisconsin. Yes, the NJ bar is supa-easy and, yes, the CLE requirements are ridiculous. I am actually taking a vacation from work to go home to NJ to complete some required NJ CLEs or I will not just be "inactive," I will also not be permitted to become "active" ever again.

Anyway, the good thing about ICLE is that people in your firm (or your friends) will have the first year assignments already completed and may be able to give them to you. In fact, if you like, I will be happy to send my 2006 assignments to you... they should be the same or very similar this year, and you can just follow the format. E-mail me, if you like.

I don't know where you live, but ICLE is only either done on weeknights at RU-Camden, RU-New Brunswick or Seton Hall (Newark). There are some "central" locations, but not many. I lived at the Jersey shore and had to travel to New Brunswick to get mine completed.

The other "good" thing about ICLE's second/third year requirements is that there is no homework associated with them (as there is with the first years reqs), so I would actually recommend getting those out of the way ASAP.


Congratulations on your bar results. I just found out I passed the 7/07 NJ bar (my first time taking it after 2 fails in my home state of CA). I am trying to find out if and when they will ever tell me my scores. Anyone know?

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